Webpage updates!

A few new additions and updates to the web page!

Registration is enabled, users may now create an account and register on our site. Comments are now live and ready for use, thus you may question and comment on articles.

Coming soon...

Forums, more pictures and video and more articles for you!

The Gallery - Growing!

The gallery has been slowly growing, as I add/update and correct data in the pictures. As I work on my machines through out the house I am adding new pictures of the hardware.

As of recent I've updated pictures of the vSphere server, Mediacenter and the New Arcade I am tossing together to upgrade the current Arcades PC.

Feel free, take a look and poke around as I update and upload.

Crackedconosole.com - Well on its way

I've spent the past few nights and some time this weekend getting the site back online.

The gallery is added ( though still being populated and still not 100% themed/skinned and functioning correctly)...

I'm trying to locate my old images and data, but I fear that may be all gone. I am doing my best to re-populate what I have and take more photos and do more write ups to get the site back to its former glory.


The return of CoinFX?

Well, its been awhile... I've dusted off the arcade, I've begun to a new PC for it and I've dug up everything I had wrapped up in it. What does this lead us to?




I wrote this app back in 2010, since then I've lost my original source code ( and sadly know-how ). I was able to locate 2 versions of my CoinFX Arcade application out in the wild, version 0.3.0b and the last release version 0.3.8b. These have been added to the downloads section.


I am resurrecting my webpage, restocking it with goodies and getting back into the game.

Stay tuned! More to come...