Building a new NAS - FreeNAS - Part 1

The time has come to replace my current 4 bay NAS an aging Patriot Javelin S4.

First things first, I had to decide my end game... What did I want to gain from the new device, how could I future proof it and how can I get the biggest bang for my buck?

What I wanted to gain was;

  • At least double my storage
  • Plex and Emby support
  • SSD Cache options
  • ISCSI/NFS support for VMware


What I decided on was FreeNAS and a home built NAS box. And following this guide I was able to locate a few items on eBay to suite my needs.

I settled on a SuperMicro Server, an X8DTN+ to be exact, with the following specs;

  • 2U 12 Bay Case
  • 2x Xeon E5654 Hex core CPUs at 2.4Ghz
  • 48GB of ECC RAM
  • Dual 1200 Watt PSU
  • LSI MegaRAID 9260


Seeing how all the FreeNAS junkies recommend the IBM M1015 (LSI 9240), I was sure to grab the LSI9240-8i as well.

And lastly I opted for 6 5TB Seagate Enterprise drives for storage, and will be using a dual parity setup once I get down to brass tacks on the volume configuration.


The hardware has been ordered and shall be here in the next week or so. Follow along as we build the new array for CrackedConsole