Life as a Nerd - Episode 1


Episode one of Life as a Nerd, in this episode I showcase the House Remote. A Web based control application that allows me to manage this house, lights and other activities. 

I have several HP Stream 7 Windows Tablets in my home running this web app in full screen.

Ambilight 2.0

Time has come, Ambilight 1.5 has met the end of the road...


With the advent of a new TV on the way, its time to revisit the Ambilight once again, this time a full rebuild.

As for a teaser, the new system will be comprised of the following.


1x Teensy 3.2  (to replace the arduino running Adalight, this has a faster CPU and can handle the increased light count)

1x Arduino Micro (this will actually only control a 5V relay, allowing me to shut off the optional "behind the speaker" LEDs)

420 RGBW (CW 6,000k-7,000k) LEDs. 300 for the TV itself and 60 behind each speaker (30 zones, 2 LEDs per zone)

This will all sit behind a new Samsung 65inch 4K Curved TV, and I will post build pictures and video during the process.


Stay tuned!

Life as a Nerd - Episode 0


The first installment of Life as a Nerd, a brief intro video. More to come as I go in depth into how I build, craft and create the projects and items you see here.

PCoIP Gaming Lab

PCoIP Testing in the lab is under way, here is the lab setup currently


And for some simple game testing

Home Automation App - Build 5

Build 5 of my Home Automation Application is complete. This includes updates to the Main screen and Info pages as well as additional functionality through out the application.


Home Automation - Control

I've made a new video of Build 5 of my Home Control Application for my home automation system, it is nearing completion and once done I plan on doing a home walk-thru showing the app in use through-out the house.