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Slowly but surely I am migrating alot of the work load off my main MediaCenter in the living room. So it can focus primarily on just playing media or games.

I have moved my MyMovies install / DB location onto my "Cascade" server. This same machine also hosts my Plex Media Server and Windows 7 MCE with the ServerWMC addon for Live TV control.

Also, I have updated all my devices to the newest PlexBMC 4.0 Beta and the latest PlexBMC Helper from github, now the PlexBMC Helper is working on Android so all my devices work as I want.

Currently the Living Room MediaCenter now only contains its own Ceton PCIe4 Tuner (may be moved eventually to Cascade in conjunction with its USB4 Tuner), Its own Hauppauge WinTV card (for FM Radio) and its own plugins and recorded TV etc.

This will all eventually go away as I slowly migrate over to Kodi, due to the recent solidified news of MCE not being available in Windows 10. I do have Kodi and Plex installed on the MediaCenter now, and I have plugins to access them from the main menu. I actually swap around between the 3 depending on what I currently want to do.

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