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Well, it's been a busy few days, more like a couple of weeks. But I will some it all up into 1 weekends worth of work.

Many changes came down the pipe, and hardware was flung all over the house, here is what I was left with.

  1. Added a 1000w power supply to my Primary ESX host
  2. Built a Secondary ESX host, move all "VDI" machines to this host
  3. Replaced the 400w PSU in my Mediacenter with an 800w PSU
  4. Installed new video card in the Mediacenter
  5. Installed the new arcade PC in the cabinet
  6. Mounted the Office TV
  7. Mounted RBG LEDs on my game PC (Behind the Monitors)
  8. Purchased a Corsair RBG K70 (for the game PC)
  9. Installed and configured Insteon garage and thermostat controls

So the jist of it all? My systems had a huge need to rebalance power supplies, based on what hardware the system had and its functions.

Upgrading the Mediacenter video card allowed me to move its current card (7770) into the "New" Arcade. I then took that video card and placed it in ESX02 to toy with GPU passthrough, soon leading to the nVidia GT hacking I hope to do so I can get a cheap "gird" card for VDI

So whats the goal? Whats next? What should we look forward to (or not)


Server Goals

ESX01 - Dedicated to Core functionality and Systems (Home automation, Alarm, Email, AV, WSUS etc etc)

ESX02 - Dedicated to Virtual Desktops and Cloud Computing. I plan to add an nVidia GT640 or higher to this machine, converted into a Grid Card, to allow 3D Gaming on VDI sessions.


Whats next?

Well I'm kind of back into the Arcade and Game computer kick again, this will swap between Media Systems, Home Automation and Game machines.


What should we look forward to?

Well, I'll be upgrading software and hardware on the Arcade here soon. I am in the middle of doing all new graphics and making sure all the games and applications run on the new hardware.

In the Game computer arena, I'll add some new snaps and maybe clips of my Game Computer with the new keyboard and decked out lighting (should give you a good chuckle)

In the Mediacenter / Systems arena, this is starting to slow down a hair; all TVs are up and running, media is imported and functional. I still need to work out some Plex issues and casting issues between devices but I am fairly happy with how it all sits now.

Lastly, for now, in the Home Automation arena, I need to finish up some scripts and events for the new hardware in place (Thermostat and Garage door control). I plan on knocking that out soon and then I can start re-focusing on the Web App to control the house... sigh it never ends.


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