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Well, I won 2 ebay auctions and I finally got my order from Act Labs. This means 2 things; 1, I'm not going to get a new monitor for my arcade for awhile now and 2, I may have to re-do the new artwork I've been creating due to my locked 1024x768 resolution on the current monitor.

Either way, the order from Act Labs was an old stock Light Gun. Sadly they only had red, so it will at least match the game play of blue and red for the players but not so much the arcade colors.

As for the new graphics, a quick teaser of the marquee...


Part 2 of the auction winnings, includes an EVGA GeForce GT 640 (4GB version) that I hope...hope. I can convert into a "K1 Grid Card" for ESX02 and VDI use.

There are several articles across the internet documenting such success, I'm just not sure if this card is in the list of hacked cards.

The original being the Asus GT640 but several followed in this thread and others, including this full walk thru with the Asus GT640.

The end goal, is to allocate either 2 VDI machines with 2GB of vRAM or 4 VDI machines with 1GB of vRAM and play old school LAN party games such as Day of Defeat, Duke Nukem 3D and the like.

I have tried DirectPath I/O with both a Sapphire Radeon 5670 and 6450 with not so acceptable results, both tests consisted of a Windows7 x64 VM and both tests worked during the initial boot but failed every time after upon reboot. I do plan on testing these cards with DdirectPath I/O on a Windows 8.1 VM as well, but I am expecting the same results.


Once my items arrive and I get to tinker abit, I'll start to post my results.

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