Unexpected hiccups - energy redirection.

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Well, due to an unexpected 180 degree change in where I was expecting to be... I now how some pent up energy and excitement for projects and opportunities missed.

Time to redirect that energy into a new direction, and how better than getting lost in a project?

Back on the table is the ESX02 VDI machine (hence my prior post with the K1 Device ID swap). I placed an order for 2 ATI Radeon HD5450s late last night, with a goal of using these as Dedicated Adapters for my 2 VDI Game stations. I have been having issues getting XOrg to start and run on my host with the hacked GT640, so in the Interim I plan on using the dedicated 5450s.

Once I succeed with the K1 card, I will end up using Shared 3D for my "Workstation" VDI machines, to improve items such as SketchUp etc.

Thus I will have 1 GT640 converted K1 assigned to Windows 7 "Workstation" VDI machines, and 2 HD5450's Directly passed thru 2 Windows 8.1 "Gaming" VDI machines.

I do have a Radeon 5670 that I am currently testing with. Thus far I have managed to get the drivers to install, GPUZ detects the card, but when I attempt to connect via PCoIP I disconnect after a brief period of no video. Time to troubleshoot!

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