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As I have read time and time again, VDI will expose your flaws in your network. Be it LAN or WAN... You will spot your flaws.

What I have discovered in my journey;

  • A majority of the network drops I've done in my home are garbage, CAT5 cable, poor splicing, network couplers, a mess.
  • I was getting less than 10Mb in the drop in my office. (Due to multiple cable splices in the drop, 2 switch hops in the office, and patching through the battery backup)
  • I get no more than 80Mb between any computer to any other computer or server (horray CAT5, not even CAT5e)

I utilized the tool NetStress Network Benchmark to obtain my network speeds and begin to really see what my initial slack cabling job has left me with.

What I plan to do next?

Well the wheels are already in motion, I've installed a Cisco SG200 switch to replace my dinky NetGear SoHo 1Gb Switch and I have also ordered 1000feet of CAT6 STP cable, 10 CAT6 keystones and 100 CAT6 shielded RJ45 connectors. 

All should arrive by next weekend, where I plan to redo all cable runs from the Patch Panel, to each wall plate. Then I will make new CAT6 cables for Patch Panel to Switch and Switch to Server equipment and finally new CAT6 cables for Wall Jack to PC/Device.

I will be running two drops to my office, I currently have one and 3-4 machines as well as the WiFi all share this connection. My hope is to move the WiFi AP to one drop and the office PC / Zero Clients to their own drop. (Most likely purchasing this Linksys Switch to match the LinkSys WRT AC1900 WiFi Router I use)

Once the rewire project is complete, I hope to see a drastic improvement in network speeds and VDI performance. Thus far, I have only be able to get Day of Defeat / CounterStrike to run at a playable state at 640x480 (Zero Client and Game resolution).

Using a EVGA PD03, VMWare ESX 6.0, VMWare View 6.1, NVidia Quadro 4000

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