CAT6 Rewire - Finished (and full gear re-rack)

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I've had the cable drops ran for a few days, but today I finally cleaned up the patching and while I was at it, re racked all the gear in the cage and cleaned up the wiring.

24port CAT6 patch panel, with CAT6 STP cable punched down.


Once the cable runs were done I began to shut down the network and pull everything out, all in all it took about 4 hours start to finish. I did move all the shelves, install the Netgear switch for future use and install the hardware pfSense box for future use.

Future plans include 10Gb NICs for each ESX host connected to the Netgear switch and then it connected via Fiber to the Cisco "client" switch. I would also like to figure out a way to have a fail over pfSense box (utilizing the physical box shown above) so I may work on ESX01 with out losing Internet connectivity. ESX01 currently hosts my VM of pfSense that acts as the primary firewall and runs Snort. Due to the high CPU requirements of Snort, I do not wish to move it off the VM as it has a 5GHz CPU (2cores). Thus the hardware firewall will be a failover device only, in use during maintenance and the even of a host / system failure on ESX01.

Now with the network rack complete, I plan to clean up the office and living room wiring abit and then focus again on gaming VDI and finalizing (HA...ha...) the code for my home automation system.

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