HDMI over CAT6

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Well, for now I have caved. I'm going the Video cable to GPU route for 1 of my VM Game machines. I still do plan on testing and toying with the PCoIP / VMWare View VMs with the Quadro 4000 cards.

But this new VM will have a AMD card and utilize HDMI over CAT6 direct to the monitor and USB passthru with a USB extension cable for Keyboard/Mouse. Thus Keyboard,Mouse,Monitor and Audio (via HDMI) will be connected directly to the ESX host, and routed to the Office upstairs.


The items purchased include;

Cable Matters HDMI over CAT6 Adapter $64.99 (Single CAT6 cable)

2x 3 feet HDMI cables (for Host to adapter A and adapter B to Monitor)

50 foot powered USB extension cable

and a 50 foot HDMI cable

I'm curious how well just using the 50 foot HDMI cable will work, possibly with a keystone /wall plate in the office. Thus I will test with both the HDMI over CAT6 and the 50 foot HDMI cable, and once they arrive and testing is done I will report my findings.

With my current configuration of 2x Quadro 4000s and 1x Radeon 5450, the Radeon sits in the 4x PCIe slot and the Quadros taking up the 2 16x lanes. Once I am sastisfied with my setup and testing, I am going to purchase a XFX R7 250-270 and move it into PCI slot 1 to push it up to 16x and move the Quadros down accordingly. And yes, I am going with the XFX as it kinda sorta matches the Quadro cards I have. (well atleast when mounted in the case lol)

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