Ambilight 2.0

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Time has come, Ambilight 1.5 has met the end of the road...


With the advent of a new TV on the way, its time to revisit the Ambilight once again, this time a full rebuild.

As for a teaser, the new system will be comprised of the following.


1x Teensy 3.2  (to replace the arduino running Adalight, this has a faster CPU and can handle the increased light count)

1x Arduino Micro (this will actually only control a 5V relay, allowing me to shut off the optional "behind the speaker" LEDs)

420 RGBW (CW 6,000k-7,000k) LEDs. 300 for the TV itself and 60 behind each speaker (30 zones, 2 LEDs per zone)

This will all sit behind a new Samsung 65inch 4K Curved TV, and I will post build pictures and video during the process.


Stay tuned!

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