A day of sorrow.

A sad and somber day...

I put the nail in the coffin on the CableMaters HDMI over CAT6 adapters, they just did not work for my application. After several tests, cables, lengths and scenarios... I was only able to get active video once.

I've now opted for the AVUE HDMI Extender, abit more cost wise but I have higher hopes of success. Once I can get a successful video test at range, I will begin to address some of my other issues (audio and USB).

HDMI over CAT6

Well, for now I have caved. I'm going the Video cable to GPU route for 1 of my VM Game machines. I still do plan on testing and toying with the PCoIP / VMWare View VMs with the Quadro 4000 cards.

But this new VM will have a AMD card and utilize HDMI over CAT6 direct to the monitor and USB passthru with a USB extension cable for Keyboard/Mouse. Thus Keyboard,Mouse,Monitor and Audio (via HDMI) will be connected directly to the ESX host, and routed to the Office upstairs.


The items purchased include;

Cable Matters HDMI over CAT6 Adapter $64.99 (Single CAT6 cable)

2x 3 feet HDMI cables (for Host to adapter A and adapter B to Monitor)

50 foot powered USB extension cable

and a 50 foot HDMI cable

I'm curious how well just using the 50 foot HDMI cable will work, possibly with a keystone /wall plate in the office. Thus I will test with both the HDMI over CAT6 and the 50 foot HDMI cable, and once they arrive and testing is done I will report my findings.

With my current configuration of 2x Quadro 4000s and 1x Radeon 5450, the Radeon sits in the 4x PCIe slot and the Quadros taking up the 2 16x lanes. Once I am sastisfied with my setup and testing, I am going to purchase a XFX R7 250-270 and move it into PCI slot 1 to push it up to 16x and move the Quadros down accordingly. And yes, I am going with the XFX as it kinda sorta matches the Quadro cards I have. (well atleast when mounted in the case lol)

CAT6 Rewire - Finished (and full gear re-rack)

I've had the cable drops ran for a few days, but today I finally cleaned up the patching and while I was at it, re racked all the gear in the cage and cleaned up the wiring.

24port CAT6 patch panel, with CAT6 STP cable punched down.


Once the cable runs were done I began to shut down the network and pull everything out, all in all it took about 4 hours start to finish. I did move all the shelves, install the Netgear switch for future use and install the hardware pfSense box for future use.

Future plans include 10Gb NICs for each ESX host connected to the Netgear switch and then it connected via Fiber to the Cisco "client" switch. I would also like to figure out a way to have a fail over pfSense box (utilizing the physical box shown above) so I may work on ESX01 with out losing Internet connectivity. ESX01 currently hosts my VM of pfSense that acts as the primary firewall and runs Snort. Due to the high CPU requirements of Snort, I do not wish to move it off the VM as it has a 5GHz CPU (2cores). Thus the hardware firewall will be a failover device only, in use during maintenance and the even of a host / system failure on ESX01.

Now with the network rack complete, I plan to clean up the office and living room wiring abit and then focus again on gaming VDI and finalizing (HA...ha...) the code for my home automation system.

VDI Gaming over View - Performance thus far

Last night I set up 2 of my VDI game stations, logged via View and loaded up Quake 3 for some testing.

A buddy of mine and I played for maybe an hour to test latency and over all performance... Not bad I might say, once I do my network rewire I will get more into detail on the performance. For now here are some basic screen caps of what I am seeing in the VM.


NVidia Quadro 4000 Passed through to the VM and VMWares SVGA 3D driver disabled.

GPU under load while running Direct3D 10 tests.

A 3D Score of 7.2... Not bad for a VM!

New code added - Home automation

I finally got around to adding more code to my Home Automation Control Application (mouth full eh?). Its all again still pretty basic and needs the graphics cleaned up abit. But it will work for now and its a nice start to get me back into coding the app.

Please note, I also narrate this version, so sit back relax and enjoy the show.


Network Teaser

Shipment 1 of 2 has arrived for my Network Re-Wire project.

This far, I have received my CAT6 Keystones, Shielded RJ45 ends, CAT6 Patch Panel and I already had crimps on hand.

Lastly I am awaiting my CAT6 STP cable (1000 foot spool), hopefully it will arrive today!